"Adult Content"

We are urgently in need of a Professional that can write numerous titles and short text for our craigslist advertising campaign. All titles and text must be short catchy and geared towards a Mature Adult audience. It is important to note that these titles and text are for Sensual Massage ads only. Here is an example:


TITLE: ~*~*~*Beautiful & Elegant Masseuse~*~*~*~

TEXT: {{{{Visit my spa for a tantalizing and relaxing massage. We provide a relaxation sensual massage treatment. Come over an visit our elegant spa. We have several beautiful and sexy massage providers. }}}}}


Please do not put any website address or phone numbers as our posters will do that on there own. All titles and text must be short. Lengthy titles and text will be rejected. Symbols can be used to improve the titles and text as these catch the attention of readers. We are looking for proper grammar and original work. Copied or duplicated work will not be accepted. If you do copy ads please alter them to make them unique and original.

Please note that we will not accept the following:

1. Ads that describe the race or ethnicity of the massage provider. All ads must be neutral as we post them world wide.
2. Ads that give reference to street names, towns, cities, regions, countries. All ads must be anonymous as we post them in different countries all over the world.
3. Ads that refer to male massage providers. We market only female massage providers. Not male.
4. Ads that refer to Gay, lesbian or transsexual massage providers. We only market our services providing services as female massage providers.
5. Ads that list prices. We do not include prices in our ads.
6. Hours of service. We do not include hours of service.
7. Ads that have address and contact information. We do not list addresses or phone numbers of the massage provider.
8. Ads that do not have adult or mature content. We need ads that are designed for adult and mature customers. Please create ads in good taste. Professional, however mature content. Childish, senseless and immature ads will not be accepted.

If you are confident, that this is a project that you can handle and if you agree with our offer, please reply and we shall move to the next phase,

and when you are replying please indicate that you have understand what is written here.

best regards.


Budget: $5
Starting On: June 16, 2011
Ending On:
Posted On: June 15, 2011 02:42 UTC
ID: 101726806
Category: Administrative Support > Data Entry
Skills: Data Entry, web research
Country: Philippines
Hours Billed: 0.00

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