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We have a Joomla-based company website that includes the following key features:
* Home page with a rotating banner image to highlight our new products
* A product section that is basically a catalog / store but is only used to showcase products.  There is no e-commerce. It runs on VirtueMart
* A blog section where we post news and other information
* Store locator
* Service provider store locator (for after-sales)
* An about us section
* Contact us form
* Site-wide search

The site is running fine, but I would like to redesign / redo the site with the following specific goals:
* modernize to Web 2.0 standards. I want the site to feel like it was built in 2011. Think HTML5 and AJAX
* want the site backend to be clean and well structured for easy content management. Our current site, using Joomla, feels patched-up.  Maybe it's intrinsic to Joomla, so I am very open to another platform
* Maintain all existing sections and key features
* Wrapping wallpaper on the frontpage for better impact
* Improved layout on the blog section
* Improved, standarddized layout for products section that will allow for multiple product pictures in one page
* Improved store locator section that is searchable
* Improved service locator section that is searchable
* Facebook integration on blog posts and product pages
* SEO the site for relaunch for our local market
* Improved graphics and graphics design (we will collaborate closely here, of course)

* No Adobe Flash
* Site must load fast

We have an existing host and site that just needs to be redesigned.  As such, I am looking for a contractor who can do:
(1) web design (the creative side)
(2) web programming/development
(3) SEO work for our local market

If the work is good, this can become an ongoing job for graphics and SEO updates.

When applying, please send me your TOP 3 websites that you have created.

Starting On: May 26, 2011
Ending On:
Posted On: May 26, 2011 11:15 UTC
ID: 101668359
Category: Web Development > Web Design
Skills: graphics, design, web, WordPress, Web 2.0
Country: Philippines
Hours Billed: 0.00

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