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Need a full time recruitment specialist (will work regular Philippine hours) who can help source, test, screen, interview and hire candidates. The recruitment specialist would need to have had a minimum of 2 years experience in talent sourcing and is willing to administer real time tests to various candidates per day. The applicant should have a globe, smart, and sun sim card to be able to call different candidates.


1. A minimum of 2 years experience in talent sourcing and recruitment
2. Willing to work full time 8 hours a day or more depending on when the applicant is available
3. Doesn't have any current projects that will be a conflict of interest
4. Has invested in the right tools to work efficiently (fast laptop, headset, skype, a phone that can call globe, smart, and sun numbers as well as landlines)
5. Assertive in finding new and better ways to improve our hiring and testing process
6. Is good at asking the right questions to find out what truly motivates an applicant
7. Has patience and attention to detail


1. Review shortlisted applicants with the Recruitment Manager daily
2. Find new channels to post ads
3. Interview applicants
4. Draft job offers and contracts

Current Positions we are looking to fill:

1. Work from home Marketing Assistant
2. Work from home Social Media Specialist
3. Work from home Logistics Manager

Please share your Skype ID so we could discuss the details and your expected salary for this work.

Posted On: August 19, 2019 05:27 UTC
ID: 217140960
Category: Accounting & Consulting > Human Resources
Skills: Candidate Evaluations, Candidate management, Candidate Recommendations, Candidate sourcing, Interpersonal skills, Interviewing, Resume Screening, Source Lists
Country: United States
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