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I am looking for someone who can make original drawings of full colored kawaii characters. This will be used for planner/journal stickers.

For my first project, I will require 10 drawings of full body chibi, the theme will be the same. For example, the drawing of a girl will be the same through all other drawings. Meaning it will look the the same (same hair, face, etc) the difference is what it does. Eg. One is maybe doing laundry one is cleaning the house. 10 common items (eg. iron, washing machine, etc). I will also need a header that I will use for my printed sticker sheet (see sample1.png). The drawing should be cute and target market are girls. Attached are some of the sample I gather online.

To summarize your output are these
– 10 drawings of chibi
– 10 drawing of common items
– 1 header of my logo in it.
– They should be in high resolution illustration files
– I will be allowed to use these drawing in any way I want (personal, commercial, print)

Please attach your sample work related to this project.

Budget: $50
Posted On: August 19, 2019 00:32 UTC
ID: 217139606
Category: Design & Creative > art_illustration
Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Anime, Doodle, Drawing, Famous Cartoons, Freestyle Drawing, Illustration, Illustrations, Pop Art
Country: Philippines
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