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WordPress Team Member (Philippines)

Our company is looking for a new WP team member based in the Philippines to strengthen its website development capability.  This position is a casual position with workloads that vary from month to month, and we suggest that you check the reviews that previous contractors have left to get an understanding of what we are like to work with.  We are looking for the most talented, reliable, honest, loyal team members to join our organisation who are looking for a long term commitment and job security.
Please read this description carefully before applying to ensure you address all the requirements in your application.  If you don't, your application will be immediately rejected.  
The successful candidates must have/be:
– Outstanding English speaking and writing skills
– Ability to troubleshoot and fix problems
– Ability to learn and continue to increase your skills and knowledge in your own time
– Ability to turn projects around fast when required
– A reliable internet connection, PC and software, able to use the Upwork app reliably 24/7
– Available to video chat when required
– Committed to attending all online meetings on time, every time
– MOST IMPORTANT Committed to checking your email every day (7 days) and responding within 24 hours, every time.

Preferred skills are as follows;
– High competency in using WordPress
– Knowledge of current WP best practice
– Expert understanding of WordPress configuration, using plugins etc
– Expert understanding of WordPress SEO
– Experience using the WPEngine hosting platform
– Proficient in HTML and CSS

WPEngine Skills as follows:
– Must be familiar with applying updates, backups and plugin management and network administration.
– WPEngine admin must be fully familiar with the WPEngine admin pages including WPEngine tab, dashboard tab, and settings tab.
– Must know environments, including how to copy between production, staging, and development, manage updates to all environments.
– Must know how to manage plugins, including updates, add, deactivate and delete plugins, must keep current listing of all plugins installed on all sites
Must have:
– Solid, reliable internet connection available 24×7. Minimum 3mbps connection
– USB Headset and microphone in good working order
The main focus of this role is setting up WP websites, adding, modifying themes & plugins, making modifications, etc using the information that we provide and following our exact instructions.

Additionally, you will need to be prepared to abide by all company policies, follow and update existing procedures, as well as run the UPwork app at all times while you are working for us.

If you do not meet any of these criteria please do not apply!

Generally successful candidates will be able to choose their own hours, as long as they attend all online meetings, work for uninterrupted blocks of no less than 90 minutes and can meet project deadlines.

It is expected that you will maintain email, skype, or other instant messaging systems so we can communicate with ease and you will respond to all messages within a period of no longer than 24 hours.  We require that you provide your mobile phone number so we can SMS you in an emergency.  It is expected that you will be prepared to install and maintain and use applications that we use like Lastpass, MS Teams, Dropbox etc

VERY Important: When submitting your proposal, please include the text "NCC-1701D" at the very top of your application, before you answer the questions below, to ensure you can follow simple instructions.  (You might be surprised how many others skip this simple step!)

If you feel that's fair, we encourage you to submit your proposal below. Please rate the following areas out of 10 and elaborate on the following (we suggest copying them and pasting them into your response):

1.) WordPress customisation

2.) Managing plugins

3.) Using WPEngine

4.) Customisation of website layout, look and feel.

Note:  Are there any other skills that you possess that may be of benefit to us?

I'm going to repeat what I stated earlier:
If your reply shows that you didn't read before applying, you will automatically be declined.
If you seem like a good fit, submit your proposal and we'll work from there. We can't wait to hear from you!
No agencies please and if you are not in the Philippines then please do not apply as your application will be immediately rejected.

Posted On: August 18, 2019 23:25 UTC
ID: 217139323
Category: Customer Service > Technical Support
Skills: CSS, HTML5, Web Design, WordPress
Country: Australia
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