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We are finalizing a new real estate project consisting of 9 or 10 high end villas that are going to be build on a beach side in Palawan which is becoming one of the most attractive tourist islands in the Philippines.
This project will consist of 9 or 10 high end luxurious villas and will be based on a ALL INCLUSIVE basis including alcohol beverages, local activities, etc.
The only item that is not included in this concept is Champagne.
The minimum room rates will be USD 750 per person (not per room) depending of the final villa type that will be build.
We are looking for a fund raising amount between USD 3,5 and 3,75 million excluding any commissions to third parties, brokers, etc.
Expected ROI time : 3 ½ years based on a resort occupation ratio of only 20 % !
The resort will be located in an area without any calamities such as earthquakes, typhoon, volcano eruption etc. this is a major advantage as the resort will be able to continue her activities on a yearly basis without any financial revenue interruption.
The project will be managed by ourselves (Europeans) with a previous international experience in places like Marbella (Spain), Phuket (Thailand), etc.
Beside the reimbursement of the funding capital over a period of maximum 4 years and a yearly interest rate of about 3 % the funders will receive a sharing/participation in the profit of the resort during a period of 10 years to count as from the opening of the resort.
This is a 100 % secured investment and all guarantees will be placed so that the funds can not be used for any other purpose than the construction of the resort, the land title will be blocked at a Notary office during till the entire capital and interest are repaid to the funders so that the plot can not be sold or serve as a collateral for any mortgage or other financial transaction.

Budget: $10000
Posted On: July 19, 2019 15:45 UTC
ID: 216882548
Category: Sales & Marketing > Public Relations
Skills: Public Relations
Country: Belgium
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