Aloha everyone!

My name is Nicolo. I own a business named, VGN Express, we are experts in Vegan Restaurant Marketing. Our business is unique in the sense that For Every Vegan Restaurant That We Partner With, We Donate Supplies To A Local Animal Sanctuary in Need.

My business is growing fast and I need an AWESOME Virtual Assistant in the Philippines to help me stay organized with Project Management, keeping our team focused on specific tasks at specific times so we can deliver to our customers with excellence and doing research to provide our team with the information we need to grow the business.

!!  This position will involve lots of Project Management, Online Research, and Customer Service.  !!

We currently use Trello as a project management system and we’re pretty happy with this. Experience with Trello, or similar project management programs is a must.

In this position, You will work directly with me to grow the business. I’m very passionate and excited about this line of work, so this will be an awesome job!

– #1 – You are very organized and perform well in a fast paced work environment
– #2 – You love to keep teams focused and on-time with important projects, making sure all of our customers are being properly serviced and happy doing business with us
– #3 – You are great at online research – the job will involve researching Vegan Restaurants around the world, Animal Sanctuaries around the world and finding important information our team needs to move the business forward
– #4 – You love communicating with me & our customers to make sure they have everything they need from us to grow their business
– #5 – You work great in a team environment and are energized by people who are working towards a common mission / goal
– #6 – You are passionate about making a positive impact on the world
– #7 – You are positive and upbeat, seeing the beauty in Life and wanting to spread goodness

IF this is YOU, We are so stoked to chat with you!! Please apply to this job immediately! 🙂

IF this is NOT You, Thank you for reading this far – this is not the position for you. Wishing you an amazing life! <3

THANK YOU for reading this far! For those who match this position’s needs, please take action and apply now!!

I’m excited to talk with you soon!

Mahalo nui,

Posted On: June 18, 2019 22:46 UTC
ID: 216617726
Category: Admin Support > Personal / Virtual Assistant
Skills: Appointment Scheduling, Communication, Data Entry, Email Communication, File Management, Light Project Management, Meeting agendas, Personal, Schedule, Scheduling, Task Coordination, Virtual
Country: United States
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