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Kindly please check this UX/UI Design, when a user visits the website, they will see this section:

So when the user clicks the VegaServe Box, a new slide fade in from top to bottom will trigger.

If you have a common sense, you can quickly tell what will happen next here.

1. On top of your cover letter, please tell me what you understand in the second photo? Explain it briefly and accurately what I wanted to do in the second photo. So that I know you have common sense, and if you can't explain what you see there, I will reject your application.
2. Is using ACF is enough to implement this feature? I want this feature to have a backend so I can easily edit that section. and I am planning to use Avada for this project. If not, please let me know what is your alternative to achieve this.
3. It needs to be responsive for mobile phones.
4. After you built this feature, kindly please educate me. I am an IT, and I know these areas. This won't take much of your time.

Budget: $120
Posted On: June 15, 2019 22:33 UTC
ID: 216591246
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development
Skills: JavaScript, jQuery, WordPress
Country: Philippines
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