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22 Future CEOs Recruitment Program – Thailand/ Rotational product managers recruitment program
Topica – Leading Edtech ecosystem in Southeast Asia. In 2008, we were established as a startup with a mission of bringing high-quality Edtech products to millions of people. In the previous 10 years, we`ve expanded our business to 04 countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Philippine, Indonesia with 3 successful products including Topica Native, Edumall and Topica Uni.
22 Future CEOs – a Rotational product managers recruitment program to acquire talented young people under the age of 30 for the growth of Topica Edtech Group in Thailand market.
The successful candidates will be offered 3 rotations in 6 months in Thailand to have firsthand experience in different products and skills before landing in their favorite place.
Website: http://22ceoprogram.topica.asia/en

Nationality: Thai
Graduated from university and have working experience in a variety of backgrounds and industries
Have at least 1 year of management experience
Age: 24- 30 years old
High fluency in English communication
Strong project management skill and strong Leadership with a high level of initiative.
Dare to do new things, dare to fail
Positive thinking, open-minded

A chance to become CEO of millions USD revenue Edtech product after 3 years
Getting performance appraisal every 6 months, minimum salary raise from 11% every 6 months for top 20% best performers)
Limitless opportunities for career growth, job promotion base on outstanding work result, not base on age or seniority
Learn to build your own team; start, run and grow a product, financial management and other entrepreneurial skills with mentors who are senior directors of Topica Group
Employee Stock Granted Plan (ESGP) from 500,00 USD up to 1.5 m USD
Be a part of our strong professional community of 22FCEOs in SEA

Lead your own team to achieve objectives that are various from revenue growth to quality and technology in different departments such as Sale and marketing, Operations, HR and Finance

Enhance management level through firsthand experiences in different skills
Innovate business systems to make a breakthrough in productivity and product quality
Join our global team to export successful Edtech products in Vietnam and Thailand to Southeast Asia Market

Sending CV (English only) with details about management skills to email: linda@topica.asia
For more information, please contact Talent recruitment department
Email: linda@topica.asia
Phone number: (+66) 91 804 0864

Posted On: February 18, 2019 04:02 UTC
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Category: Sales & Marketing > Lead Generation
Skills: Management Skills
Country: Vietnam
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