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Hi There,

Are you looking for strong full-time work?

Do you have great English skills?

Are you a female?

Well this position could be great for you…

We are looking for a full-time appointment booker!

About the job:

This is a full time position, from 9am – 5pm GMT +8.

It pays USD$280/week or USD$7/hour. This is including any up-work fees.

You will receive a paid 1hour lunch break each day.

You will be calling inbound leads, who have entered a competition to receive a $400 photo-shoot. Your job is to call them, let them know they have won, and book them in for their photo-shoot.

This job starts on Wednesday 13th Feb. And you will be interviewed on Tuesday the 12th. So ensure you are available.

About us:

We are an appointment booking company, running campaigns for a variety of clients.

About you:

You should have EXCELLENT english skills, and a neutral accent. We only hire those who can speak great english.

You are located in the Philippines. All our staff are Filipino, and we want to keep it that way.

You are Female. This job requires a female telemarketer.

You have a strong work ethic.

You have a 15Mbps internet connection.

You have a suitable quiet workspace with no background noise (no kids/baby's screaming, other people talking etc)

You have a good headset.

You have experience in telemarketing/telesales.

How to apply:

Anybody who hasn't read this job description will not be selected. Please say "bananarama" in your application to prove you read this.

You must also attach an audio recording of yourself talking about:

– Who you are, why we should hire you, what hobbies you have, the most stressful time of your life so far, what your goals are this year. – If you don't include this in your application, you will not even make it to an interview.

If selected, we will interview you.

This job starts on Wednesday 13th Feb. And you will be interviewed on Tuesday the 12th. So ensure you are available.

Posted On: February 11, 2019 09:11 UTC
ID: 215440203
Category: Sales & Marketing > Telemarketing & Telesales
Skills: Sales, Telemarketing, Telephone Handling
Country: Australia
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