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I need professional video editing service for a Youtube episode.   My kids have a youtube channel and we are entering a contest to promote tourism for Kawasan falls. I need the video to be 10 minutes long and it has to be edited to look professional. You can do Color correction, transitions, a few slow motions, add exciting or upbeat musi, watermark and post productions to it for as long as it will look beautiful, epic, exciting and professional, You might also have to add a few words like A journey… that leads to discovery… hidden pathways.. that leads to Majestic waterfalls.. secret bridges.. that leads to an adventure unlike any other… Kawasan.  

I can send you the raw videos taken from a Go pro hero 6. No need to use all of it, just the ones that will look exciting. The footage is a bit dark because it was a cloudy day. I will also send a short video clip to be added at the beginning and at the end of the episode (Channel intro).   I have more episodes and I will hire you to do the other ones if the budget and the results go together for this 10-minute project.

Budget: $20
Posted On: January 16, 2019 10:32 UTC
ID: 215199497
Category: Design & Creative > Animation
Skills: Audio Editing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Video Post Editing, Video Production, YouTube Development
Country: Philippines
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