Residential Housing MS Project and Report Generation – oDesk

I have 6 houses or 3 duplex houses under contract right now. I want to have a systematic report generation and MS Project for residential house for my cost monitoring.

I will give you:
1 set of plans (Autocad file)
1 budget for whole house.
3 days to finish the job
3 months allowance for weekly monitoring
1 list of labor rates

You will give me:
1 list of very detailed items of work with corresponding budget
   * example:
   * COLUMN – 10 columns            [PhP 20,000]
   *  fabrication of reinforcement     [PhP  3,000]
   *  fabrication of woodworks         [PhP  1,800]
   *  installation of reinforcement    [PhP  2,200]
   *  installation of woodworks        [PhP  1,000]
   *  pouring of concrete              [PhP 10,500]
   *  removal of woodworks             [PhP  1,500]
1 list of weekly manpower requirements and their corresponding output
12 weekly reports
1 MS Project file

I will require:
You to be a civil engineer
You to have at least 2 years in field construction
You to be good in ms excel and ms project
At least two (2) samples of msexcel and ms project data files
You to address me as Sir Nol not any other names.

Starting On: June 1, 2011
Ending On:
Posted On: June 01, 2011 03:21 UTC
ID: 101683814
Category: Business Services > Project Management
Skills: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Project Management,
Country: Philippines
Hours Billed: 72.00

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