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This is a very UNIQUE position, loosely in the field of customer service and/or virtual assistant services. As a Health Advocate, you will take on the persona of a number of different friendly software avatars as they interact with seniors. You will control various aspects of each avatar's behavior — in particular, conversation.

We require staffing at all hours of the day, especially waking hours in the US. You might start out on an ON-CALL or PART-TIME basis until you have demonstrated excellence in on-the-job training and your abilities are proven. Eventually you could work anywhere from 40 to 60 hrs/week.

Personal Requirements:
1) Excellent comprehension of colloquial, spoken American English and Spanish of various accents
2) Excellent written American English and Spanish spelling, grammar and punctuation
3) Excellent personal and social skills, including an understanding of American culture and etiquette
4) A positive attitude! This is a must, as in the course of your work you will inevitably communicate with depressed individuals and may encounter uncomfortable social situations.
5) The Upwork Preferred Qualifications, e.g. 100+ HOURS, at least 4-Star rating which will be strictly observed. Note that for cost and culture-fit reasons, we typically hire from the Philippines and Latin America.
6) Previous experience working in the medical field or with older adults is preferred.
7) Able to commit to a full-time, long-term schedule (at least 36 hours/week) for 6+ months.

Technical Requirements:
1) Fast, accurate typing skills (60 WPM required, 90+ peak WPM preferred)
2) A reliable broadband internet connection that is available during your entire agreed upon schedule (typically 9 hour shifts, including breaks)
3) For each work shift, access to a reliable Windows or Mac computer with administrator privileges (so, for example, you can use Skype or Uberconference during day to day work)
4) Screen resolution of at least 1366×768
5) Computer literacy and the ability to quickly learn new web-based interfaces
6) A working webcam and microphone. If using a laptop, must have an external mouse.
7) Must agree to company privacy and internet security policies (e.g. the use of automated software for this position are prohibited).
8) Your PC or Mac should be able to multitask. For example, you will need to be able to track your own time via Upwork while working from an internet browser (we recommend Chrome) for each shift of this position. Upon request, your computer should be able to do the following: take and email screenshots or screen recordings (for training and technical support), conduct occasional screen shares while working (for training), and be able to participate in video calls in Skype or Uberconference calls while accessing a web browser.

1) Listen to and watch audiovisual streams of one or more people talking with you
2) Role-play as a lovable creature with memories and a personality that may be different from your own
3) Type appropriate conversational responses in real-time
4) By doing 1-3 above, provide companionship and emotional support and deliver healthful reminders for older adults who may be suffering from mental illnesses such as dementia.
5) Use a web interface to view/enter/manage data and information applicable to 1-4 above. This involves writing in standard US English.
6) Creatively and proactively start conversations based on family photos and text comments.
7) Perform other related tasks as needed during your assigned shifts.

We are an exciting, growing company from MIT. For more information, please see and  If you believe you are a good fit for this position, we look forward to working with you to bring joy into the lives of seniors and their families!

Starting Salary: $5.00/hr (up to $6.85/hr based on performance), not including Upwork fees, for fluent English and Spanish speakers.* We offer salary raises in our in-house opportunities for advancement and performance-based bonuses of up to 37% in addition to your base rate salary as well as company lotteries.

*If your level of Spanish is intermediate, you may receive a starting salary different than what is listed on this job posting, on a sliding scale. If do not know Spanish, please apply to our other job posting for English only speakers here:

[Thanks for reading the entire job description. To show your diligence, please type "AHOY" as the first word in your cover letter AND introduce yourself in Spanish to acknowledge that you are fluent in Spanish. Applications that do not follow this instruction correctly will not be read, so you'll have a big advantage!]

Posted On: May 19, 2019 21:35 UTC
ID: 212890223
Category: Customer Service > Other – Customer Service
Skills: Administrative Support, Customer Service, Customer Support, Data Entry, English, Internet Research, Live Chat Software, Microsoft Office 365, Translation English Spanish, Typing, Virtual Assistant
Country: United States
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