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The predecessor of the Tiger Sugar is the best dessert soup shop in Taichung, Taiwan – Sanyuan dessert Soup.  Because of our rich experience in dessert production, we have a keen and precise taste for desserts, and it is our principle to provide customers with delicious and healthy desserts.

For years of research and development experience and learning from  many dessert specialist, we have finally developed a perfect dessert based on special brown sugar.  

Special brown sugar is the key element

Brown sugar (Non-Centrifugal Sugar, NCS), some region called Red sugar, is a non-highly refined, decolorized sucrose, in addition to providing heat,It also contains trace elements such as calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium and folic acid and other minerals, which have high nutritional value.

We are very persistent in high quality, and the process of making brown sugar is very compound, so that our products have a light new fragrance, a dense taste and a multi-layered sweet taste.

Perfect match with brown sugar, Boba and fresh milk


We combine these three, Boba scene through the exclusive  brown sugar smoldering, moderate elasticity, the entrance emits the natural black sugar aroma, plus 100% organic sweet milk, and with

A layer of dense cream; the taste is smooth and smooth, and the aftertaste is long-lasting.

Detonating the trend of tiger-patterned brown sugar drink


In order to allow consumers to drink the best brown sugar drinks, in November 2017, the birthplace of pearl milk tea – at Taichung, is also one of the most competitive cities of the milk tea market, opening the first

Tiger Sugar brown sugar store. The perfect taste and the original appearance of the tiger-pattern immediately set off the unprecedented the trend of brown sugar drink in Taiwan, which led to a long queue to buy people.

In June 2018, the first branch opened in Hong Kong, officially ignited this trend in Asia, just 11 months, has opened as many as 41 stores across Asia, such as Singapore,Philippines,Malaysia,Macau,Nanjing,Korea,Thailand and Indonesia.
In order to let consumers in the United States also experience the really delicious brown sugar drink, now Tiger Sugar officially raises flags in New York, will open in Downtown Flushing in early May.The first Tiger Sugar store in the Americas, the specialist of brown sugar milk , please look forward to it.

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