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Job Description:  
Peak Support is a customer service and business process outsourcing company. We are seeking for Phone/Email/Chat Support Associate from the Philippines to join our growing team.  

Some requirements for this position:
– Strong verbal and written English skills
– Someone who enjoys working with others on a team
– Experience in a Customer Support environment
– Vast Experience in Email/Chat Support
– Research-oriented and Process-Oriented
– Can work with minimal supervision
– Above Average MS Excel Skills

Technical Requirements:
– Good computer setup with Chrome browser
– minimum of 8gb RAM
– minimum processor:  i5 4th Generation, AMD A8 5000 series, or higher
– Stable high-speed internet connection (at least 5-20 Mbps)
– A stable power supply in your area  
– Noise cancellation headset
– Skype account

Posted On: April 14, 2019 19:14 UTC
ID: 216032603
Category: Customer Service > Customer Service
Country: United States
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