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IMPORTANT **People from Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc. please do not apply because of timezone issue's**

FULL TIME job position.
Working hours : 9am-6:30PM – 1 hour break
Days: 6 days a week

We are an online performance marketing company and in need of some tech savvy rockstars!

In this job position you will help setting up de technical aspects of marketing campaigns together with a bunch of other constant changing tasks!

For example:
– Put together all the marketing materials so it is ready to use
– install and configure plugins on wordpress
– Uploading content to wordpress
– Online research to find articles online.
– Setup campaigns in our tracker platform
– Upload landing pages and files with ftp
– Modify the landing page html/css code
– Carefully double check and test that everything works before setting ad campaigns live
– Setting up campaigns in facebook ad platform
– Create creatives in photoshop

We're specifically looking for people who are computer savvy, eager to learn new things, have attention to details, and are very hungry to make money 🙂

Please apply if you feel you fit the description. Start your application with the answer to this riddle:
An island of water lilies floats in a pond. This island is twice as big every day. If it takes 48 days before the entire pond is covered with water lilies, how long would it take for the half pond to be covered? 24 days OR 47 days

Explain to us why we should hire you and invest time into training you and share with us your current skills and work experience.

Posted On: February 23, 2019 09:05 UTC
ID: 215559737
Category: Design & Creative > Other – Design & Creative
Skills: Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML
Country: United Arab Emirates
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