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Project: We are working on a project to meta-tag ~1000 images containing some cosmetic products. Looking for freelancers who are willing to take a set of images each (at least 200 images to start) and create tags on what they see in the image.

Objective: The main intent of the project is to describe the PRODUCTS that you see in the photograph based on certain categories:
-Brand Name
-Packaging (bottle, tube, tubs, sachet, etc)
-Product Form (Cream, liquid, powder, etc)
-Product Type (Mask, Moisturizer, Toner, Serum, Eyecream, Sunblock, Facewash, etc)
-Color (Pink, Green, Yellow, Transparent, Black, etc)
-Product Category (Skincare, Cosmetic, Haircare, Oralcare, etc)

Freelancer needs a working knowledge of Austrialia's Cosmetic/Beauty industry market. Could be as a consumer.

Deliverable format: The desired output is one huge excel file containing the file name and tags for each photos.

Execution: Ideally, AT LEAST 6 tags per image based on a single product. For photos with multiple products, tags are expected to be more.

Language: The list should be in English. Tags should be single word.

Timeline: TBD

Example on the output we require and template will also be provided to shortlisted candidates.

As you go through the proposal process with this client, please keep in mind the confidentiality agreement in section 15 of the Upwork User Agreement. Note that any and all information received from or about this client is subject to the confidentiality agreement and may not be disclosed to anyone.

(This job is being supported by the Upwork Professionals team. Your end client is an Enterprise client.)

Budget: $5
Posted On: September 13, 2018 16:23 UTC
ID: 214195217
Category: Admin Support > Data Entry
Skills: Data Entry
Country: United States
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